Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Zoey is 6!

I love this little girl. She is just blossoming before my eyes! For Zoey's birthday it was a party year but we planned a special day just for her which some of the things she loves most! 
Jake and I both took a half day from work. We had given her one of her gifts the night before her birthday. It was a horseback riding lesson and some clothes to wear during her lesson. She just loves horses and she was so thrilled to get to be around horses for a bit. She had to look and see every horse in the stable and her horse MOJO just loved her. The instructor even said that the horse seemed to especially be fond of Zoey. The instructor had Zoey help groom the horse and prep her for riding. Zoey got to spend a little bit of time on the horse riding around the indoor arena. Jake met us there and then we all went to lunch. 
In the evening we had family come over and we opened presents, sang and had cake. It was a really sweet birthday. We got a Our Generation Doll with a riding outfit and a doll sized horse. 

Zoey is at a great state right now. Some of the things we know about Zoey right now is....
- She is very loud!! She doesn't really have a quiet volume! haha
- Zoey is doing so amazing with her reading. She started in kindergarten at a level 4 which is ahead of most of her class. She really works hard to sound out the words.
- Zoey is doing pre-competitive gymnastics twice a week. She is doing a great job and is doing cartwheels and saumersaults and is great at the balance beam. She's always had great balance. 
- Zoey still doesn't love chocolate but she likes some soda now including Sprite. She loves corn dogs, shrimp, nachos, anything vanilla, graham crackers with milk, cereal.
- Zoey is very big on rules and order. She gets very upset when things aren't fair, or Charly or Logan are doing something they shouldn't be doing. 
- Zoey plays with Logan, Charly, Grace, Annie, Jaxon, and sometimes Ada and Sella and Maddi. 
- Zoey has lost 2 teeth! We lost the first tooth but the tooth fairy still came
-She is really good at singing her church songs
- She loves Taylor Swift
-She still plays with her Calico Critters, and plays house and dolls. 
-She can't have enough stuffed animals!!!! 

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