Tuesday, March 8, 2016

FHE: Dangerous of Pornography

We made the decision to have a Family Night where we talked about what pornography is and what to do when you see a questionable image. The church put out an excellent educational video directed to young minds that really helps to make it clear the effects of these damaging pictures. I have been reading research about how young kids are exposed to porn and I felt like it was important for us as parents to teach them about this and give them tools to fight back BEFORE they see something that could potentially become addictive. The kids were so so attentive during the lesson. We even gave them each a present at the end of the lesson. They got shoes so they could always feel like they have the POWER TO WALK AWAY! They were really excited about that. 

A few weeks later it was adorable. Logan was laying in bed and he said "Mommy.... Charly was doing pornography". I was immediately concerned! I asked him what he meant and he said "She didn't put her bike away when she was asked" HAHA! I guess Logan thought pornography was just when you make a bad choice! He is so cute. I tried to clarify that for him.

I do want to have this lesson every single year so that my kids will know that this is a real thing that causes real damage and for them to feel comfortable talking about it and discussing it with us. 

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