Thursday, March 31, 2016

Thanksgiving 2015

We went all out for Thanksgiving this year since we had mom in town! We found a cute house to rent on AIRBNB and we spent three nights hanging out and playing over Thanksgiving! The people who owned the house were so accommodating and it was the perfect space for us. Wednesday night we just got in and settled and did some family things. Thursday we made dinner, went black friday shopping and ate lots and lots. Friday we headed to Salt Lake so we could see the temple square lights turn on. It was FREEZING!!! Everyone was miserable....well except Piper. The kids were all complaining and crying, we were grumpy and although the lights were beautiful. It was so crowded and just not super kid friendly! We warmed up with some pizza back at the house and Saturday morning we headed home. I hope we get to do something like this again soon!!

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