Thursday, March 31, 2016

Forbes Skate Night

Forbes hosted a skate night at Classic Skate Center! We all skated! Well, except Piper. It was fun to relive a past love of mine. I loved skating at Roller Magic as a kid and we did it often. I loved seeing Zoey get out there, fall and get back up. What I love about Zoey is she always gets back up. She keeps trying no matter how many times she's fallen! 

Logan brought his scooter but wanted to try skating too. He gave it a try and decided it wasn't for him. What I love about Logan is that he knows what he's good at and what he isn't good at (yet) and it doesn't phase him. He is so confidant! 
Jake and I even got to do some hand holding while skating! It was like living out the dream of every 5th grade girl to be skating a hold the hand of a cute boy!

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