Monday, March 7, 2016

Happy 8th Anniversary To Us!

8 years! Man! We are really getting up there in numbers. Honestly I feel like I have been married a lot longer than 8 years. It's weird to even think back at a time where Jake and I weren't bustling with baby craziness and reponsibility. Today at church as we sat in sacrement and it was raining outside I leaned over and said "It's a great rainy day to not have kids and take a long nap after church". Not gonna happen!!

For our anniversary this year I wanted to try a new place. We stayed in the Alaskan Inn up in Ogden Canyon. It is kind of like the Anniversary Inn but with country themed room. We stayed in the BEAR Room. It had a nice jetted tub in the room and they served a breakfast to our room in the morning. It was just what we needed to relax and getaway for a day. 

I found the coolest movie theatre online called THE MOVIE GRILLE! They have reclining leather seats and serve dinner during the movie. The food was SOO good. The best fries I think I've ever had.  We saw San Andres about an earthquake in California. It was seriously so intense I couldn't even stand the thought of one more think shaking!! 

After the movie we went to find some dessert and ended up at another cute hotel in the canyon with a small cute restaurant. We got a few slices of pie to share. It was sweet.

We really had a great time and still love to be together. So grateful for our marriage and our friendship!

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