Thursday, March 31, 2016

Halloween Fun 2015

We always have so much fun at Halloween time!! I love the changing of the season and crispness in the air. It's so fun to put on boots and a sweater and do fun fall things as a family! 

One of the things we did this year was we tried a haunted trail that a family in American Fork puts together every year to collect donations! We went in the evening when it was still pretty light and besides a werewolf that popped out when you walked by, the kids were a little nervous but did ok. Ok..well yes there is a picture of Zoey crying. I can't remember why? I don't think she liked that the werewolf scared her! The kids wanted to go through the trail like 5 times but the baby was tired and we had errands to run so Jake said he would bring them back that night once it got dark! 

When Jake and the kids walked in the door after going through later that night they were ALL upset!!! Apparently at night it was pretty scary with a lot more things popping out and actors playing scary roles. They were not pleased! Ha! Maybe next year?? 

We made pumpkin carving into a family night activity. I made homemade pizza and Linda, Lloyd and Jess came over. Jess H and Linda pretty much ended up doing all the carving while everyone was warm inside! ha. It's always special to carve pumpkins and spend time together!

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