Friday, October 2, 2015

Strawberry Days 2015

I love Pleasant Grove Strawberry Days!! I was really looking forward to it this year, and feeling more ready to get out in public places and to have some fun! I couldn't help but make some cute dresses for the girls because there are only so many more years that they will be down with me dressing them up AND matching! This was my first clothing project that I've really ever completed. I kind of winged it and was sooo pleased with how adorable they looked on the girls! 

We did the typical festivities.....going on rides, going to the rodeo (new this year and not super successful with a baby), the parade and Huck Finn Days. I really love the community in Pleasant Grove. American Fork STEEL DAYS just doesn't sound as cute and doesn't really make the cutest sounded dress. haha. 

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