Friday, October 2, 2015

A Puppy for Grandma

Every since we lost Linkin, I know my mom has been wanting a little dog to keep her company. With my dad now trucking and gone so much I knew a puppy would be perfect for her birthday. She drove from New York to Utah with Jess and Charly and when I saw this cute puppy for sale on KSL I jumped on it! Within an hour of contacting the lady we had this cute puppy visitor while we waited for Grandma to come out! We called him an array of names the time he was at our house....max, ralph, puppy, snowflake. My mom ended up naming him Henry after her dad. He really loved Jake right away and overall was such a good little guy, doing so good at going potty outside and was cuddly and playful. Zoey fell head over heels. She pulled him on his leash all over the place. She can't wait until she can have her own puppy and I can't wait to bring a sweet puppy into our family. Now...not really the time with the baby and our busy schedules but in a few years and I really can't wait!!

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