Friday, October 2, 2015

The Adventure Room

The last project of the summer! After living in this house for a year, I finally got around to making the room nice for the kids. I immediately was inspired by this idea when I saw an AZTEC comforter on I ended up ordering different blankets but it sparked my interest and soon I was on pinterest collecting tons of ideas. I pretty much got every look I wanted in the room with the help of Linda, Jake and Jess Nelson. I used the quote from Winnie the Pooh " As soon as I saw you I knew an adventure was going to happen" because I love how close Zoey and Logan are and how much fun  they have being young together. 
-Jake and I made the teepee and we got the stick from Monkey Ikes apple tree. 
-The rug is an outdoor rug that was on clearance for $26 at 
-I ordered the prints off Etsy and bought $5 frames from IKEA
- We bought the bunk bed from for $287. It's great and can be converted into two singles. I am really happy with the quality
- I couldn't even tell you what the paint color is because Linda and I are pretty sure the lady mixed it wrong a few times and were pleasantly surprised with how great the color came out on the wall. It was more mint than light blue and i love it!
- Jess drew a painted the feather for me after looking at some like it on pinterest. She made it just as  envisioned it!!
- Linda helped with the arrows, the awesome deer head, the pillows cases and the prints on Zoey's wall. She always makes exactly what I was thinking!!
- The mountains are a partical board that we painted with grey acrylic paint and then used clear chalk board paint over so the kids can draw on them. 
- We bought the cubbies at walmart. I think they were about $37 dollars each and the bins were $5 each
- I bought the comforters at for $18 each and the blue lamp to match was from target for $19 and the curtain too for $15 each? 
- I cut the paw prints out myself on my silhouette. Linda made the file for me. 
- Linda and I made the chevron garland and cut the pieces on the silhouette cameo and I sewed the pieces together.
- I made the mountain pillow and the dream catcher.

I am in love with the room and so glad it came out so great! It is so rewarding to create something like this and so fun to get crafty and creative and find great prices to makeover a room. The room before was soooooo bad. I should have taken a before picture. Well... they better like this room for at least a few years because I'm not changing it for a long long time!

The room was pretty much my offical end to summer. We finished it on the last night of summer as Jess and my mom were coming back into town.  It was a good summer and a great year!!

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