Friday, October 2, 2015

Phamily Camping

The Phamily campout was up Spanish Fork canyon this year. A small crowd of us, the Liddiards, Beagle, Fraizer and Justin Barrett (and Tori). We had some crazy weather Friday night and I thought our tent was going to blow away! I was FREEZING the entire night but the kids slept like champs! By 5:30am I just gave up and got up and drove down the canyon and found a Walmart and loaded up on warm clothes for everyone! We went to the little lake that was right by the camp. Everyone tried out some fishing, but with no luck. Saturday night the Draper's came up as well as Devin. It was a good trip catching up with friends and being outside. Next year is our year to plan the reunion. I've gotta get thinking of something awesome to put together!

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