Monday, July 13, 2015

Zoey 5 1/2

Zoey....... big big sister now, and she takes her job seriously. She always wants to hold Piper and carry Piper and be a part of every smile that Piper gives. Zoey has really just taken off since getting into preschool this year. She just became so confidant. She certainly isn't a baby anymore, and I see a glimpse of adult Zoey in the way she carries herself. She is going to be just lovely!!!!

Some things about 5 1/2 year old Zoey:

Zoey loves BUGS! She has caught hundreds of lady bugs. She walked looking at the pavement to see who her next bug friends will be. None of them scare her...Worms, snails... she doesn't care. I swear she is like the bug whisperer.

Zoey is a GREAT friend! She loves everyone and is always a good play mate to the kids on the street! She loves playing with Gigi of course, but also Emily and KAtie and Mavis and Sella, Ada, Maddi, Grace etc... She can play for days outside! Sometimes I can barely get them inside for lunch.

Zoey is sooo HELPFUL! She never complains when I ask her to get me a diaper, or pick something up or grab my phone. She just does it. I love that about her.

Zoey is FEARLESS! She is so athletic and willing to try new things. She can do the monkey bars on her own! It's awesome to watch. She tried anything the gymnastics instructors gave her last fall. She can be "socially" shy but when it comes with physical activities she is on top! I hope she always has that!

Zoey wants to be a COWGIRL!! I've got big plans for her birthday! She loves horses, especially black and white ones.

Other Things About Zoey:

She still doesn't like Chocolate
She also doesn't like Watermelon and Spicy
She loves chicken legs!
She is scared to flush toliet paper.... like she won't do it! It's hilarious and so annoying!
She still comes in our bed ALL the time!
She rocks at reading her Dick and Jane books
Her pre-school teacher said "She appreciates that Zoey works hard and doesn't cut corners"
She has almost no friends her own age. They are all older than her.
She has become a great swimmer (not in the deep end) but loves to go underwater and jump into the water from the edge.
She loves shrimp, and meatballs, tomatoes, of course cereal.
She is very obedient and wants to do the right thing (most of the time)

We love Zoey!! We are sooooooooooooo lucky to be your parents!!!

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