Monday, July 13, 2015

Quick Trip To NY

I really wanted to take advantage of my maternity leave and my time off to take Piper to NY and meet the family and to attend Sarah's baby shower and see my girlfriends! I was a little nervous to fly alone with Piper only being 6 weeks but it went great using my moby wrap through the airport and checking the darn carseat and stroller at baggage and not dealing with that!

Up until going to NY I pretty much fear leaving my house, having three small kids in any public space and having anxiety of how the baby would do at the store, or the park, or at church.

Well NY surely broke me of that fear. My mom and I kept so so busy that poor Piper was just along for the ride... literally for the several days I was there!

I got to see my dad's side of the family including my grandma, and my cousin Katie (who is having a baby any min) and my Aunt Julie and Uncle Bob. I love being with them. I have so many happy memories with them.

I also got to see my girlfriends and I got to spend a ton of quality time with my mom who just fell in love with Piper during the visit. Piper was a champ and just did a good job going with the flow.

When I got back to Utah, three cuties (Zoey, Logan and Charly) were waiting for me at the airport with one big cutie (Jake). I love visiting NY but LOVE LOVE coming home to my family!

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