Monday, July 13, 2015


Sooooo.....Easter...... You know how you sometimes you have a vision of how lovely something will be. Ya, this vision didn't really work out this time. I love Easter and picking out the outfits for the kids. The plan was to go to temple square since it was conference weekend. I had been having some anxiety about leaving the house with the baby and breastfeeding in public but I didn't want to be the Easter party pooper so we went. 

It wasn't my favorite few hours. I am pretty sure I flashed everyone on the temple square lawn. 

But...The kids still were able to understand the meaning of Easter and Christ and the resurrection. They love the story of the rock and the tomb and Mary in the garden. I am so proud of my kids that are constantly touched by stories of Christ and seem to feel the spirit in their little lives. 

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