Wednesday, July 15, 2015


I couldn't wait to sign the kids up for t-ball this summer. I got to put them on  the same team....the Green Gators! The games were every Tues and Thurs for the month of June. Everyone had fun coming and sitting around watching the kids attempt to play to game. There wasn't much involved. They took turns hitting, and rounding the bases and in the outfield they took turns throwing to first base and then rotated to catching on first base.

Logan LOVED it! He was always smiling and so proud of himself everytime he hit to the ball or ran. I can tell he just was so excited to be there and to be playing on a team. I can't wait to see him improve every year. I can really see him being a good athlete and maybe baseball will be his thing.

Zoey on the otherhand was hysterical to watch! She would be out there laying in the outfield waiting her turn. Ha. Clearly tball isn't for her, but she still did a good job when it was her turn.

Linda and Lloyd and Jess pretty much came every game! Jess and Charly came as much as they could too. It was fun to all be there supporting these kiddos.

Regardless of their ability they sure looked freaking cute in their uniform! Finding the uniform, the hats, the mits and getting them there on time....well that was a completely another thing!!

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