Thursday, February 26, 2015

At The End!

Here's me at 38 Weeks Pregnant! This pregnancy has been really great. I am so lucky to have great pregnancies where I can work and accomplish  the things I need to. I know not everyone gets that lucky! I love feeling Piper moving around in there and can't believe she will be a little baby in my arms so soon. 

I haven't progressed much in terms of my body actually getting ready to push this baby out. It's a great host, but sucks at the "time's up" part. I am thinking I am heading over my due date and ultimately to another induction. When I told one of the many OB's I see that I would like to work till 41 weeks he asked if I needed a psyc consult. haha. MY other OB thanked me for being so normal and not being a complainer that wants to force her baby out ASAP. 

It's been really rough working the last few days as I approach 40 weeks but I'm gonna try to keep going. The longer it takes to have this baby the longer I get to stay home and the closer to the end of the school year. 

The kids are really excited. They love kissing my belly and talking about her. I just found out the hospital won't allow kids under 14 and am so so sad they won't get to see Piper right after she is born. We decided ZERO visitors because we want the kids to be the first. I also know that I need a little more privacy than most and it will be nice to just have that quiet time with Piper. 

Posts of our cute newborn to come shortly!

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