Thursday, February 26, 2015

FHE: Beary Beary Responsible

We had a fun night with our "Beary Beary Responsible" Lesson where we talked about how we can be responsible. We started a new gem system where the kids can earn gems when they are being responsible or doing something extra good. When they earn 20 gems they get to pick from a bunch of special rewards and prizes. We are also trying a behavior chart that I know a lot of elementary schools use and made one to try. The kids have been a little wild lately and with two new families coming together in one household it was hard to know how to treat some of the behavior problems. The chart allows us to have consequences without having to be stumped on how to handle each issue. The kids already know the consequence and because of that they can make their own choice in regards to their behavior. It's not a perfect system but it seems to help. I wouldn't mind my own behavior chart with a few different time outs!!! haha. 

Glad to have Jess and Charly here and just be close to family. We are so so lucky!

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