Thursday, February 26, 2015

Family Fun Day!

Family Fun Day! I wanted to do a fun day before Jake and I become too exhausted to do anything fun ever again! haha. It ended up being a great day. The kids loved everything we did and were so good and it was just a happy happy day. We went to  the Lehi indoor pool. Who knew this was just around the corner from us. We had fun just all being in the water playing and watching the kids splash around. Let's just say finding something that resembled a bathing suit for me was quite the challenge. 

The kids went to the library with Jake and then we all went to see Big Hero 6 which was a darling movie. We got candy and popcorn and Gigi ate an entire bag of gummy worms. Not our best parenting! We finished off the day at JCW's which burgers and chicken tenders, onion rings and fries. Yum. 
I love days like these. These are seriously my favorite people!!

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