Thursday, February 26, 2015

Fun Valentine's Day!

I am trying to make the door decorating a tradition in our family and Thursday night me and JEss decorated the kids doors. We had everyone write a love letter to each other to include on the door and then spiced them up with candy and little presents! The kids were so happy when they got up the next morning. Jake made some special heart pancakes. After a few tries he really got the hang of it, minus Jess' dyslexic panic. (Jess instagrammed the pic "dyslexic pancakes are pancakes too" haha) We added strawberries and whipped cream and sprinkles and really had fun with them . 

The day got even better when it was time for the Monster Truck Rally with grandpa up in Salt Lake! The have been counting down for DAYS! Charly and Jess went too and I stayed home and showered and napped (glorious for any 38 week preg lady) We ended up just doing some grocery shopping that evening and called it a night. Jake and I went out the 13th to Cheesecake Factory while the kids were at a FACS camp at Bingham High. Nothing too over the top this year. My body just isn't up for much and Cheesecake seriously hit the spot! Jake got be a beautiful necklace that is a heart and aquamarine stone. I haven't taken it off yet. Love it! Feeling super filled with love with Valentine's Day and so blessed for all  the beautiful lives that touch mine. 

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