Friday, November 30, 2012

The Baby Situation

I teach Teen Living to 9th graders and part of the curriculum includes them taking home mechanical babies. These aren't just any mechanical babies, but super advanced, if their heads tilt back too far it registers as abuse, babies. Each baby is about $700.
With it being my first time learning how to distribute the babies I made sure they had my cell phone number to call me for emergencies. Melissa was visiting for the week and we decided to go out for dinner with me, her, Jake and Tyler Fraizer.
In the middle of dinner at Chilli's I get a call from one of my students. I hear the baby screaming in the background and in a really calm voice he tells me that his key for his baby hasn't worked at all and the baby had been crying for 4 hours.
Poor guy.  So, I try to get him to try a few things and have him call me back in 5 min. I fill in the table with the story so they are fully prepped when I get the second phone call.

He calls back and baby is still cry.... make that screaming in the back. He still remains so calm. Maybe the kid is about to cry at this point, so I teach him how to do the emergency shut down. I hear the 3 times and does the baby shut off.... nope.  Keeps right on screaming. I am dumbfounded at this point. Meliss and Tyler are dying laughing as I am trying to save this kid from this baby that clearly isn't shutting off! Then I go into panic mode and start brainstorming on how I can get this baby to crying. I start saying things like...

" Is there a trunk of someone's car that you can the baby in?" and "do you have a lot of blankets you can put on top of the baby?"

I am sure people in the restaurant would have called the cops if they overheard.
I get off the phone and tell him to call me back in 5 min if the baby is still crying.
Thank goodness he didn't call back because I was trying to figure out how to tell him how to kill the baby so it stopped crying! lol.
The four of us just laughed the entire night about the whole thing!

 Monday the report came back that the poor baby had died of neglect since the key wouldn't work.

Oh... the job of a teacher.

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