Saturday, November 10, 2012

5th Anniversary - Another Trip to USU

 Jake and I had such an awesome weekend in Logan last year that we thought we would do it again!

We both took 1/2 day at work on Friday, got some lunch at Macaroni Grill (where we had our first date) and then decided to go and see if we cold trade in our car for something with better gas mileage.

We ended up getting a2007  toyota yaris. We are happy with it. It's simple and takes reg gas and gets better gas mileage! We have been driving so much with work and the cupcake truck that the mazda was just sooo expensive!

So, we headed up to Logan after that and checked in to our favorite room..... Rich's Drive In! We headed out to dinner at Cafe Sabor and then vegged out in our room the rest of the night watching movies and eating popcorn and cupcakes (that were not very good).

Saturday we hit up a bunch of spots around town and got some USU shirts. We had to go to Firehouse Pizza where they actually still remembered me. Everything was so yummy! We both gained like 20 lbs in one weekend.

We went to Wal-mart to buy Zoey a "scary present" which is what she requested and then we headed to the game. It was so amazing to see all the Aggie love. Everyone was in their White homecoming shirts all day and the stadium was PACKED! I love that about Logan! Everyone loves their aggies!!

We ended up leaving the game early. It was kind of boring actually so we headed out and got a strawberry avacado shake that was actually really good. Good for jake for trying things I never would be brave enough too!

It was a great weekend with my favorite person ever.

Happy 5 years to us!

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