Saturday, November 10, 2012

Dora Fiesta & Fun! Zoey is 3!

Zoey is three!! Not a toddler anymore! (still throws the best toddler tantrums sometimes!)

Jake and I have been so crazy busy starting our Cupcake Truck, (our what?! more to come on that soon), we felt like Zoey needed a fun little birthday party and a day focused on her and how awesome she is!

The girl loves Dora, so fiesta it was! My mom was in town from NY and Linda helped make some great fiesta friendly food and we threw quite the big "little" party. Just having JAke's family alone can fill the entire house, plus my brother and his fiance and Will and his fiance's daughter came. Also our favs Heather came with Calvin and Shea.

We started off with the pinata since it was getting dark. My mom found these awesome fake moustaches and sombraros and we decorated the kids up with them. They looked hilarious as you can see in the pictures. They all took turns hitting the pinata. It was one tough pinata. Jake and I ended up smashing it ourselves so we could release the candy. It was cute seeing everyone hit the ground the fill their bags with candy!

We had a big nacho bar and Linda made a cute little Dora cake. She was so happy to have everyone sing and loved blowing out her candles. She was even more excited to open her presents. I was overwhelmed with happiness at the amount of love this little girl of mine has in her life. Everyone brought a gift and I didn't expect anyone too. She was so thrilled with every single little thing about the night!

Zoey is just amazing. Smart and funny and happy and so fun to just be around! I can't wait till she is older and we can go shopping and out to lunch. Heck. I could do that with her now and she would love it.

Happy Birthday Zoey!! We love you!

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