Monday, December 24, 2012

Cake Pop Craziness

Jake and I just completed the two craziest weeks of our lives. We decided to go ahead and feature a groupon for our cupcake business not expecting it would be get out of hand. With Jake and I working and not really having any other help with the business, we had such a hard time keeping up with phone calls, and emails and text messages and an even harder time making all the orders.

Our typical day has been waking up at 6am, sometimes earlier, going to work (where I run around for 8 hours) and then baking until 1-2am. Last friday and this past Fri we were up to almost 4am trying to get orders completed. I honestly didn't sit or sleep for two weeks. But.....we made it through the worst of it....we think.

We also went ahead and hired a few people included 1 full time employee that start the beginning of Jan. He is young and excited and eager to help us get this business of the ground. We are eager for help!! We really hope he can help this business reach it's potential. It's bee so hard to do ourselves. Owning a business has been so much work. Hard, hard work. Most days last week I had a break down. I am hoping good things are to come and that I can look back on those past two weeks and smile about the lessons I was learning.

What I am learning about myself is.....

I CAN'T do everything!
I just want to be with my kids after work and enjoy the evening with my family
I LOVE zumba. (these past few weeks, Zumba has been a life line for me. I feel truly happy dancing!)
I don't need my own business to be happy
I really like my teaching job and find myself wishing I could focus on it more, other than wishing I could focus on the cupcakes more
I really love my husband and we are perfect for each other

I hope in a month or two I am less stressed and frazzled about the monster I created here. I don't want to hate this business. I still love the concept and feel we really grow this business and have it really take off.

We will see what is in store for us!

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