Saturday, November 10, 2012

Street Sweets & Eats - The New Baby

One day Jake and I just got sick of lame people making it impossible for us to accomplish what we want to accomplish in our lives. So many shady people seemed to have entered our lives, and we gave and gave and gave to them never thinking they would just take complete advantage of us. But...they did.

We have always wanted our own business and cupcakes have always been a part of me and a part of me and Jake's marriage and with the food truck revolution going on one day we just said "Let's do this". And so....we are. We started a little food truck business called Street Sweet & Eats. We do cupcakes, cake pops, hot paninis, weddings, catering, lunch boxes. We had a blast putting together the logo and the concept. We are really proud of our truck and it truly is our little newborn!

Wow! We have been working so hard. Never in my life have I worked so hard, and I've never been one to laze around on the couch either. (oh to laze around on the couch!!!) We both knew it would be a lot of work, don't get me wrong, but it has been WAY more than both of us ever anticipated. With our full time jobs and our little family, we just struggle to give the business the attention it needs right now. It's been like, well here is this awesome how do we get it places?! ha.

We need 1 really awesome employee. We think we might have found one, and are crossing our fingers that it works out! At the time being we have no one to run the truck in the day (which is when we have been making all our sales). My bro drove the truck for us the past few weeks and now we are going to have Jake's dad help us a few days. Hopefully we will have an employee by the end of the week!!

Our investor sees a REALLY big picture for the future. If I could just see $1000 in profit a month I would be estatic! He sees selling it for a 7 digit number in 5 years if we do it right. Well, whatever happens, I am proud of me and Jake. We have managed to still be on each other's side and not at each other's throats. We like working on the truck together. Wish we could just wake up every morning and say "hey! Where should we park the truck today?", but keeping our full time jobs is the smartest thing we can do right now. We want to build a house so badly, and dumb face is still renting our baltimore house (and not paying) and we are currently waiting to hear what happens in eviction court in a week.

I know with winter coming it won't be a crazy busy season, but we are hoping to have some steady growth and really kill it in the spring and summer. I think we will use the time to build on catering for businesses and weddings and other events.

I am not sure I love the stress of a business owner. I have always felt really safe and confidant in teaching. It's a weird feeling.....worrying about all these little things. Every time I put a sticker on our packaging I just hear.... "10 cents, another 10 cents...." I know so many can relate to me right now. I am not complaining, just saying.... I totally get it now.

The baking hasn't done wonders for my diet either. I am almost done training my part time baker. She is awesome and will keep me from blowing all my hard work I put in to loose all this weight. I have gained back like 7-8 pounds. It's depressing. I was supposed to start my diet again today. I just ran around all day and whatever made it into my mouth was not even close to dieting.

All in all, Jake and I are excited about what we created with the business... but also to be honest, we are nervous, and tired and some days just really hate how busy we are. Utah def doesn't understand the food truck industry like Baltimore does. Cupcake trucks don't really exist out here. We are going to MAKE people catch on with the rest of the country!

We have been so so so lucky to have so much help from Jake's parents. We owe them majorly!!'s to cupcakes and lots of successful stories to come!!

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  1. Stacey I think you guys are amazing! When we are in Utah for Christmas I want to come see your truck and buy a tasty treat. Good luck with it all. I think you rock!