Sunday, October 7, 2012

Conference Weekend

It's been a great conference weekend! Jess came back from school for the weekend cause she couldn't miss out on the cinnamon rolls they make every conference weekend! We all just laid low the whole weekend. I am still in the same pair of leggings that I put on Friday. I haven't attempted any make up either. That is my kind of weekend!

Saturday we made cinnamon rolls and ate till we basically threw up! They announced almost right off the bat that they are changing the age of missionaries to 18 for guys and 19 for girls. Jess really felt like it was answer to prayers and already set up her 1st appt for tues! Wow! We are all excited for her!!

 After 1st session Jake and I had our first appointment at the design center to build our house. Very overwhelming and excited. We keep going back between a few places where we want to live. Lehi is where our current plans are to build, but we keep considering South Jordan, where Karen and Brad live. A lot of consider and think about.

After 2nd session the boys left for Preisthood session and Tammi and MAdi and Logan came over and we all went to Zupas. It was so busy, but I was craving something healthy. The pina colada salad and cauliflower soup were so so good!!

After the guys got back, Jake went to get the Halloween decorations. We opened them in the front room and eVERYONE got so excited about decorating! We we all outside hanging lights and putting decorations on the lawn and windows. Zoey was saying "I am so excited!" She loves Halloween! She can't wait to be a bat! :o)

Today we all had a nice big breakfast and are just lounging around listening to conference. It is really nice to be here with Jake's family. They love our kids and us and we are lucky they are in our lives!

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