Thursday, October 6, 2011

Logan - 9 months

Logan decided that 9 months was his BIG BOY month! He is a tiny little guy and yet is growing up so fast!

At his 9 month check up he weighed 19lb 6oz (40%) and was 60% height, but I don't remember how many inches.
Some Logan things....

- He has the BEST hair. It naturally fluffs itself and is great in a faux hawk!
- His eyes are still big and brown and with his blonde hair and fair skin I think he is pretty striking!
- He loves ice cream cones..... not the ice cream.....just good with the cone
- He is now putting himself to sleep and no longer needs to be rocked to sleep
- He still naps worse than Zoey
- He has the funniest teeth.... the two middle lower, a left upper, and now 4 more coming in on top and bottom....poor guy
- He walks (doesn't crawl anymore at all!)
- He jumps EVERYTIME we watch Baby Einstein and the fish jumps out.
- Loves his momma and says mama when he is upset
- Claps his hands and likes "if your happy and you know it" but is totally over doing "so big"
- Tries to reach buttons on DVD player
- Starting to wave

So in love with my little boy!

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