Friday, September 9, 2011

Rain Rain Go Away!

Well, I thought the earthquake and hurricane would have been enough but then came the rain!

It has rained the past 6 days straight and not just sprinkles and cute little storms, but down pour after down pour. Road were flooded, cities evacuated, trees down, power out. Crazy stuff here.

Our basement got a bit of water in it. Thank goodness not enough to really damage anything, but I hate that wet smell.
School had a two hour delay on Thursday cause of power outages. I ended up going in anyway since I was up and worked on some cupcakes for this weekend.

The kids are completely oblivious to it all of course! I love that about them! Yesterday Zoey caught a bubble in her mouth and said "mmmm.... delicious". I didn't even knew she knew that word. It made me laugh. I love that girl.

Logan had his 9month check up and I will post more about that later. He is skinny and tall, but overall a happy little peanut!

Well... I wonder what natural disaster will hit us next week. In the meantime I will enjoy the weekend with the fam.

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