Friday, October 7, 2011

Anniversary Surprise! and USU

Check out the awesome room we stayed in at Anniversary Inn when we were visiting Logan. They really know how to make their guest feel special. I thought the price was great for the room, but then we got all these awesome things. They even delivered us the tastiest hot dogs, freshly popped popcorn, and our choice of candy whenever we wanted it. (true drive in fashion). We got to pick a few movies to watch of the projector screen. We watched Pelican Brief (neither of us had seen it) and the Terminal.
Yes, that IS a truck in our room! In fact, that is our bed! The whole room was based around a Drive In theme, which something that we love.

Cheesecake and Water!

Flamless candles (we got to exchange for a real candle at check out), plus a bath fizz

Biggest, best jetted tub! You can't see the TV in the corner. Wish I could of taken a pic of Jake in the bath watching the Raven's game drinking sparkling cider. He was in heaven.

Sparkling cider because apparently no one would drink champagne!

Sodas chillin in an ice filled Coke Tub!

Amazing ortho-gel bed in the bed of the truck!

Our own private concession stand!!

The walls painted like a sunset

We headed to USU the next morning. It was so great to be on campus during the hustle and bustle of class changes. I have so many amazing memories there. It was really special to see it. I haven't been there since I graduated. Still the same old good Logan I remember!

The A..... aggie tradition to kiss on top of the A on a full moon friday!

Old Main

On the quad

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