Friday, October 7, 2011

Trip To Utah

We had a great 5 days out in Utah with Jake's family! We survived both flights, which I seriously doubted we would. Jake sat behind me and we wined and dined them with toys, movies and snacks. They even both fell asleep BOTH flights. I would even be so bold to say I would do it again!

We stayed with Jake's family in Pleasant Grove. It was so nice to have some help with the kids and they adjusted pretty well, except for the sleeping at night thing. Apparently it's not needed some nights! :o)

Friday we got pictures done up in Draper (another post to come) and visited the Sweet Tooth Fairy.....a little dessert shop of my dreams (kinda). Friday night we went to Bday gathering for Linda's best friend and then headed over to Pleasant Grove High School to watch Jess cheer and do her half time routine. She did an awesome job and I loved being able to see her do her thing!

Saturday we got to see Jake's family and have a little celebration for Zoey. Jake's family is huge. I didn't have to much anxiety with all the millions of cousins running around as I have in the past. It must be because I have a few wild ones of my own. Some of Jake's friends stopped by to say Hi and then Jake and I went out to the movies with some of them. A scary movie people....which actually didn't turn out too scary and I enjoyed the twisted plot.

Sunday my brother came down with Will. It was great seeing Zoey and Will play so well together!! We went to the playground in between sessions. It was a really nice visit. Will is getting so big and Bry is such a good dad. I love seeing him do such a good job.

Jake and I headed up to Logan on Sunday evening, stopping in Salt Lake to see Jordan (bro #4) on his break from work and getting to see Linds (roomie from college) to for 3 min in a parking lot on her way to a much dreaded in-law event. I told Jake that we were staying with a friend of mine up in Logan. As we pulled into the Anniversary Inn Jake was like "They live at an inn". Oh honey. So close, yet so far away!! I have him convinced my friends lived in the basement of the Anniversary Inn until the lady asked if we were checking in and I responded YES. It was a really fun surprise. We stayed in a great room and really enjoyed getting an overnighter together. Happy 4th Anniversary honey!

Monday we spent some of the day visiting USU, getting some lunch and a free hydro-massage. On our way back down to PG, we stopped off in some of the newer developments to look around and see if one day we could see ourselves there. We know that it is possible to re-located their in the near future.

I got to do dinner with Tammy (a friend from NY) Monday night. We sure had fun chatting and thinking back to our crazier days!

We left on Tues, of course not forgetting to get some burritos at beto's on the way to the airport. It really was a nice visit. Jake has a great family and I love being a part of it!

Zoey loved everyone singing to her!

Zoey and Hope are best buds!!

Jake's cousins, but we will call them Zoey's cousins! Love these girls!

Cake AND Ice Cream. Zoey is sold on bdays!

And Presents! She loved and studied every gift! Except for the clothes Linda had in a bag with toys. She threw them out of the bag like they were tissue paper!!

Pro- Candle-Blower-Outer

Sqwirmy Logan and Grandma

Aunt Jess

Getting Dirty


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