Friday, February 24, 2017

Zoey is 7!

Happy Birthday Zoey! What a great year of growing and learning for Zoey! This 1st grader is an amazing little sponge, just absorbing everything! Zoey's teacher Ms.Lyon's is such a great and excited teacher. I know she is really helping Zoey to love school and learn so much! 
Zoey is such a good, loving and obedient girl. She likes order, and likes to help keep everyone in check.  I totally appreciate and admire Zoey for always trying to do what's right. I hope this is always her heart. I see such a beautiful life for this girl. 

Here are something about this seven year old!
- Zoey has lost 4 teeth!
- Zoey is doing great at reading. It's like just one day, she just knew how to read, kinda like how one day she was just potty trained! 
- Zoey wants to be a vet or own an animal shelter. She still REALLY loves animals. 
- She loves to play Uno Attack and Life
- Zoey still loves to watch Hobby Kids. She also likes to "sneak" watch the birth of puppies. 
- Zoey still loves to play with Gracie when she can. She also loves her friend Daxton at school. Her and Hope are close. 
- Zoey loves to take showers! 
- Zoey is kind of a perfectionist. Sometimes there is a lot of meltdowns because of it. 
- Zoey loves to listen to classical music to go to bed.  She still loves mom and dad to lay with her. 
- I love her pink rain boots
-We wear her hair in braids a lot. Zoey's hair is complicated!! She has bangs, but she wants to grow them out.
- Zoey wants a dog really bad! 
- She likes packing for trips, and decorating for holidays. 

  We know 7 is gonna be a great year for Zoey!!!

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