Thursday, February 16, 2017

Phamily Reunion 2017

Jake and I were in charge of the Phamily Reunion this year! We found this awesome Lodge in Beaver that set us up really for the best weekend!!! The house was gigantic. Rooms for days and all with bathrooms! There was acres and acres of property, a pool, a slide, a hot tub, a game house, fire pit, massive kitchen... It was the perfect place to gather with friends! My sister and Charly came too!

Everyone just stayed put the entire time. We thought maybe people would go to Zions, but no one really wanted to! We played silly games like Spoons and The Mouth Piece talking game every night, laughing and laughing. The kids entertained themselves with their friends and all the stuff to do! Phil did an amazing sushi night that was pretty epic!! There were no fights, no drama. I really loved being out there!! So glad it worked out so well!

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