Friday, February 24, 2017

We Settled on our House!!!

We are officially 2nd time home owners!!! Today Jake and I met to sign ALL the paperwork and pay our $30,000 check to Zion's Bank to build our house!! This is such a dream come true for us. It's not something we just happened upon. This is something we've been working towards and really wanting. We really can't wait until it's our own home that we are trespassing through during the building process and not just some random one we drive past. 
I see our future on this little lot. I see our kids being teenagers and holidays and movie nights. It's going to be so amazing. So grateful to God for allowing us to pull this off. Each step through financing I was so nervous and trying so hard to be willing to accept God's will. A lot of times I thought maybe it wasn't going to happen as we had to work through several financing options. I thought, maybe this is too much of a "want" and excessive for our needs. I thought maybe we didn't deserve the house. I thought maybe I just needed to humble myself and be ok with it not working out. 
But.... There would be some morning that I would wake up and feel clear about the house. I would feel confused about what other options there might be. The house felt right. Not getting the house is what felt unclear. And so we just kept pushing ahead until Zion's bank told us to get our check ready and meet them  to sign the papers!!! Sometimes I think God is happy to let you get a WANT in your life. I think He is happy to bless you, especially if it's something you have been working towards. We are just so grateful He is allowing us this very special experience to build this home. We are  really looking forward to the journey. 

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