Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Oh My You've Grown! Piper's Pretty 1st Birthday

I couldn't not go a little crazy with Piper's 1st Birthday! After all, I never plan to have another if you catch my drift. I have been crushing on Dear Lizzie in Highland for years as a place to throw a party. It's the perfect little shabby chic store and cafe. I knew the ladies  in the family would love it! 

I went with the theme "Oh My You've Grown!" and wanted it to be very "garden party"! I spent hours and hours making the decorations! (Of course). Linda made the most beautiful banner, bib, hat and cupcake toppers! I made all the little girls hats. The favors were flower pens in mini flower pots. I did the SMASH cake and the cupcake/cake banner.

The little lunch was adorable with yummy sandwiches, chips, punch and cupcakes. Piper got to open her presents and have her cupcake. She didn't go wild on it like I thought she would but she was still a happy girl with her day!

 I loved it all. I was so happy to share the day with family celebrating Miss Piper! 

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