Tuesday, September 6, 2016

A Love Letter....

Sooo I'm not perfect. I'm really far from being a perfect wife. I was feeling like my love language "gas tank" hadn't been filled in a while. I might have gone about it in the wrong way. There were tears and not nice words in not nice tones and I just went about it all the wrong way. The amazing thing about Jake is that he just let me. He was even humble and apologized and held me and just let me be upset.  On Monday I got back to work feeling better and decided to finally check my school mail box (which I neglect on a regular occurrence) and in my mailbox is a letter.....from Jake.... that he wrote and mailed to my school over a week ago. I was just besides myself. It was just what I had needed (if only I had checked my box BEFORE the weekend). He could have said to me "But I mailed you a letter!" Instead he just waited patiently for me to find this letter and let it fill my heart.

I do love this man. I am so blessed that he just accepts me and even loves the crazy side of me. 

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