Thursday, September 8, 2016

Date Day With These Kids!

I got to take each of these cuties on a little date. I love getting to just be one on one with them. I loved taking Zoey to Classic Skating where it was really just me and her all alone to skate as we please and play around on the other inflatables. They played Disney songs while we skated and it just brought me back to my love for roller skating as a kid. I really loved roller skating!! Zoey did such a great job, falling and getting back up and just not giving up. I love that about her! 

Logan and I went to the trampoline park. What a cool and perfect place to take this kid! He is just endless energy. He just impresses me with his back flips and just trying everything. He made friend instantly and I just kind of sat off to the side for a bit and just watched him, totally enjoying seeing his character and personality come through. 

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