Saturday, August 13, 2016

Pretty Piper is One!

Well I couldn't keep her from turning one. (sigh). She is just such a big girl now and still so sweet. I have loved getting her birthday celebration together and thinking about the happiness she has added to our family. 
Some things about Piper: 

- Takes two naps and goes to bed about 8pm
- She is obsessed with books and carries them to me and Jake or pretty much anyone that will stop and read to her.
-She's standing on her own but not really walking yet. (The latest of all my babies)
- She loves the back yard swing.
-She doesn't love it when the kids try to carry her. She really only trusts mommy and daddy and Jessy. 
- She loves animals and wants to touch them
-She's eating everything we are eating
-No teeth yet!! But she eats like she's got a full mouth of them
- She loves frozen gogurts
- Pretty good little sleeper. Sleeps great in her own room
- Loves her binkie

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