Saturday, May 3, 2014

Stacey's 30th Birthday Tour Day 3

Saturday we started the day trying to navigate through the LA marathon to get to Hollywood Blvd so we could get on a tour bus! The tour bus was the perfect way to get in lots of the sites and the weather was perfect again. We got to see a lot of the iconic things in Beverly Hills, lots of celebrity homes, the Hollywood hills. After we walked around and looked at all the stars and hand prints on the street. 

After our fill of all things Hollywood, we went out in search of a beach! Any beach! And after some bad navigation on our GPS (not Jake's bad navigation skills) we got tired of being lost and hit up the first beach we came across which was Redondo Beach. Everyone had their kites flying, and kids were playing in the sand and water and the pier was filled with people fishing and eating and shopping. We lucked out to find such a great spot. We stayed until sunset and we got some great pictures! 

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