Saturday, May 3, 2014

Stacey's 30th Birthday Tour Day 2

In the morning we went to go and see the shark tank at the Golden Nugget. The tank is in the center of the pool there. We just wanted to find our swim suits and spend the day there! But, instead we headed to Caesar's where they have one of the best buffets. It was $45/person!!!!! It was quite the splurge but it was fun to say we did it! There was a ton of food and we stuffed ourselves before getting back on the road and heading to California.
We found the most amazing little outdoor shopping placed called THE GROVE in LA. It had great shops, and a community area in the middle with a pond, and fountain choreographed to music, and live music and big grassy area, and everyone was walking their dogs and just enjoying the night. We got ourselves the perfect little table next to the fountain and had gourmet pizzas and sodas and just loved every second! It was the best way to unwind from a long drive. 

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