Saturday, May 3, 2014

Stacey's 30th Birthday Tour Day 1

I wanted to do something significant for my 30th birthday! And since I had never been to California, I thought it would be a great destination for my birthday weekend. We got mom and dad to come out and join us and we had THE BEST TIME!!! It was perfect. Everything went flawlessly and we were just able to enjoy our time together. We started out with the day at Zion's National Park, and then headed to Vegas, and then to LA. 

Our first day we were in Zion's and it was the most perfect weather and beautiful views. We just draw around the park for a little bit, and shopped around the town, and then headed down to Las Vegas. We stopped in St.George to see the temple first and got to Vegas in the evening. We stayed with the Stokers. It was fun to catch up with Deena! We walked the strip for a while and ended up at Cheesecake Factory for some dessert. It was an exhausting but great day!

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