Thursday, June 20, 2013

Strawberry Days Carnival

I love the little community in Pleasant Grove. They have history and traditions and I LOVE that about a town! Every year in June Pleasant Grove hosts a strawberry days. It dates back to the great depression when strawberries produced here in PG brought people from all over to purchase them. It helped to keep the town alive during the struggling time and soon they made a day out it, including entertainment and more food and soon people came from all over to partake in the festivities. Now Strawberry Days is a week long and they host all sorts of events such as the Rodeo, Carnival, Volleyball tournament, art exhibits, parades, baby contest etc... 
Maybe next year we will try to get to the rodeo, but this year we just attempted the rides and will go to the parade on Saturday. The kids loved going on the rides and waited so patiently for their turn. I love this age. They are so cute and excitable! We got to do 5 rides and then got slush puppies and ice cream and headed home. Later that night we got to see some fireworks outside our house. Love these summer events! And love these cute smiling faces! These kids make everything more fun!

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