Friday, June 7, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

We had a great busy weekend.  My friend Justin Barrett's daughter, Tori's birthday was on Friday.  They had it at Bouncin' Off the Walls in Sandy.  The kids loved the whole thing, and of course Zoey made new friends.  I was having too much fun I forgot to take pictures in the "bounce" room.  But, I took plenty of the eating and presents part.  Tori loved and gasped at all her gifts, even the clothes.  But, when the big gift came, Zoey and Logan couldn't stay off it.  It was a pink ride on jeep.  Although all the kids wanted a ride, our little ones were the only ones "taking turns." 

 I guess my phone creates GIFs when multiple pics are take.  Kinda cool (Mike's daughter, Mim on left)

The next day we went to the PG pool and the kids did great being feerless in the water.  They added a new little slide in the kiddy pool, which Gigi and Weewee loved, but the big, fast slide was their favorite.  I found out that a small zip-lock bag works great for a water-proof case for my phone.  I was able to film a lot of stuff without worrying about ruining my expensive device.

 It also generates panoramic pics when multiple pics are taken

Season 4 of Arrested Development was released on Netflix, so Stacey and I went to Mike and Kasia Johnson's to watch some episodes. 

Of course dad (Dampa) worked.  As ironic as it seems that a military guy would work on Memorial Day, he does do funerals for fallen soldiers.  So, I guess it makes sense. 

The weekend was great, and we are so blessed to have great friends and family members to share this awesome chapter of our lives with

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