Friday, June 7, 2013

Fathers and Sons at Mutual Dell

Gigi and I went camping together at Mutual Dell in AF Canyon on May 31.  It was a lot of fun, and he loves camping.  We originally took Diva, and when we got there we were told there are no dogs allowed.  So, we turned around and took her back home.  Fortunately it's only about 15 minutes away.

When we got there we had a hard time finding our ward's camping spot, as the Ward was evidentally moved to a completely different part of the camp than where we were originally supposed to be.  We had to walk (more like hike) for 15 minutes to our spot.  Normally that would be ok, but I was carrying our tent, sleeping bag, and Gigi, so it was nice to finally find it.

After getting our tent set up we discovered that dinner was not provided (contrary to what I assumed/hoped for), so we had to ration the fruit snacks and Pringles Stacey packed for Logan to snack on. I love having a responsible wife. We went to bed hungry, but Gigi didn't complain. He did love the chocolate milk Brother Carson gave us earlier, though. I was secretely stoked when he offered it to us. It ended up getting really cold and my feet were freezing when Logan woke up at 3:30 in the morning. I put him in the sleeping bag with me and he fell right asleep, but I have a hard time getting to sleep if I can't roll over. So, it was almost 4:00 when I got back to sleep. When we got up, we joined the Ward for a long anticipated pancake breakfast and zipline play. I didn't think he'd go for it, but Logan loved it and was adorable going down the line with his helmet almost falling off. He went a second time. He's so brave and purely boy. When we were going back to the car to break down camp we came across a couple wheel barrows, so we used one to load up our stuff. It was a perfect solution to my problem of having too much stuff to carry at once. Logan loved the ride on it, too.

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