Thursday, June 20, 2013

Fan Comes To Visit!

 My mom came out to visit the same weekend I finished my school year! It was just what the doctor ordered!

We filled pretty much every second with lots of fun. Saturday Mom and Jenni came down with Will and we all went to the pool. Jake watched the kids and the three of us got to go check out some of the Parade Of Homes houses. We picked up Bry and go to see him for a quick second before they all headed back north.

Sunday night mom came back down and got to meet up with Jake's family for our weekly Sunday dinner's.

 Monday we got up and watched "shows" in my bed with Zoey and Logan. We took Zoey to get her first hair cut! She really needed it. Then we took the kids to Karen's and me mom and Linda went to lunch and to look at some other houses. We stopped at Gardner's Village and loved going through all the boutiques and little shops. And of course we stopped to get a cupcake. :o)

We kicked Jake out of my bed and stayed up late and watched Safe Haven. Perfect chick flick, plus mom is reading the book and was dying to see how they put it into a movie.

Tuesday we got to take Zoey to dance class! She was so cute in her little purple leotard my mom brought from home. Mom and I loved reminiscing about all the dance classes of our past. We got to look in at some of the older dancers. I love that dance is loved and embraced by so many. It sure brought me so much happiness in mine. Zoey is such a good little listener and follower. She does really well in her class.

After dance mom and I set off on another fun afternoon going to Zupas for lunch, Old Navy and more houses. We stopped in Alpine at Dear Lizzie boutique and then after more houses went and bought some cute things a Bella Ella clothing boutique.

We gathered the family and went to Costa Vida and then got Zoey a bike at Wal-Mart. She was riding the bike all through the store. She loves her Fan!! Mom and I went to Zumba at nine. I loved having her there and she was standing on the side of the room towards the end getting all emotional watching me dance. She is so cute.

We were all so sad to see her go. In two weeks we will be in NY having some east coast fun!

Thanks mom for the perfect mom week!!

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