Friday, July 20, 2012

The Cat's Birthday Party!

One Saturday we told Zoey we were going to a parade. I think she thought we meant "party".

All day she asked when we were going to the party. When I asked her what she wanted at the party she replied with, "cupcakes, and party hats". So I figured...heck...why not! Let's have a little birthday party. I just didn't know whose birthday we could celebrate. I figured Gogee (the cat) wouldn't mind a little celebration in his name, and so that's what we went with!

We went a bought a little cake, and an elmo and cookie monster cupcake for Zoey and Logan. We got stuff to bbq and invited Jake's siblings to join us!

Jake manned the grill and everyone sat around by a makeshift table and chatted about life and longboards.

We made everyone wear their party hats! It took me like 3 stores just to find them! Even the poor cat had to wear a hat. Zoey love it!!

Gogee wasn't too thrilled with it all, but we all had fun! Zoey was very pleased with her party, and I got to eat cake, so it was a win win for everyone!

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  1. Okay, that is awesome. I wish I had a cat so I could throw it a birthday party. I hope you are enjoying Utah. I miss you!