Saturday, August 11, 2012

Can't Sleep

So much going on in my head that I couldn't fall back to sleep after Zoey rolling around in the bed at 3am woke me up. (I love that little girl of mine!)

Zoey and I are in NY and have been since Friday. Sarah is getting married this weekend and decided to make it a longer trip so I could have some fun with my family. Jake and Logan were supposed to get into LGA at 10:30pm tonight, but their flight out of Denver was cancelled and my head is still spinning from trying to get him a flight here and figure out how he will get up to Utica for the wedding.

On top of that, I am in the chairperson for my 10 year reunion, and have been trying to use every free second this week to get decorations and meet with the venue coordinator to try to organize the event while I am here. Currently my mom's dining room table is filled with all sorts of decorations that hopefully will come together for a nice event.

On top of that our renter in Baltimore doesn't think she has to pay her rent, or that she has to communicate with us. With just our one income it has been impossible to pay the mortgage plus our bills. We are just financially drowning right now. I am counting down the days until I get my first paycheck when I start teaching in a few weeks! We want to badly to get rid of our debt and to not worry about how many times we might overdraft in a month. I am not sure how to evict someone, and worried and nervous about that whole process, especially being so far away. I am worried about the house sitting on the market for years upon years and never getting sold. It seems the housing market in our area just keeps plummeting!

To alleviate that issue, not only am I going to start working full time in West Jordan, teaching Family and Consumer Science at a middle school, but we are thinking of getting a cupcake truck started within  the next few months. If our renter is not going to pay and if we have to evict her, and pay off our debt significantly then we would need to take on a small part time job as well. So I was thinking Jake and I could get a job waiting tables a few times a week, or.....why not start a cupcake truck. The overhead is really low, and it is a dream of both of ours. We will prob have to work our butts off for the next year and it's not going to be easy, but it could def bring in the extra income we need to get out of debt and get our house in Maryland figured out. Heck, it has the potential to double my salary.

And the last thing buzzing around in my head constantly is our dream house. Jake and I want so badly to build a house. We found a great floor plan and lot. We got approved for a mortgage and we have 2 weeks to decide if we want to take the next steps. It seems crazy, and in all honesty I wish we could put it off for another 6 months, but real estate in Utah is a whole different  ballgame. The lots are really cheap right now, but they are going SOOO fast. We were looking at this one area where the lots were $60,000, but they sold so fast that the next phase of lots right next to them are going to start at $130,000. We could build a 4000 sq ft home for $260k (base price) now. If we wait 6 months, it might be more like $330k because of lot prices. We certainly can't live with Jake's parents forever (even though I really love being there!) and to rent would be $1200 anyway. So it's not like if we were renting we would be able to "save" money for a house since it's not much different from what a mortgage would be.

Oh and did I mention I am doing all the flowers for Sarah's wedding? Did I mention I am worried there aren't enough flowers? And that there are so many I am not sure how they will all get there?  Hmmmm. Just one more thing to figure out.

This is def a big turning point in our little family right now. We are lucky that these are our issues. I know so many face such bigger problems and set backs and heart aches. I know I have a Heavenly Father that blesses my life constantly. I am so humbled by all the love I feel in my life. Sometimes it is so hard to pull myself back into reality of what is important. All of these things "will be but a small moment" compared to what is to come.

Ahhhhh. Just writing this all out makes me feel better. I am going to hop back into bed with Zoey for a few more ZZZZZ's!

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