Thursday, July 5, 2012

Logan 1 1/2

Oh man! Logan is pure boy. He's a climbing, jumping, running, hitting, biting, throwing, adventurous little guy. I can never keep up with him. Usually by the time I pull him off the counter tops he is already lining up his chair in to get into the upper cabinets. He has the cutest little face. Good thing too cause somedays his little smile wins him another day before selling him on ebay or something.

You would think he would take on the "Baby" of the family role. No way. He has no time for this. He is more of the "bully" of the family. Poor Zoey is always having to defend herself or block herself as either Logan steals her toys, or comes flying in on top of her full force.

He sure is a fiesty thing. But, he loves his momma. And with all the energy he has, he still lacks the "no fear" that Zoey has. He is a little scared of things (fireworks, snakes). He isn't afraid to come running to me or cuddle up to me when he is unsure, or tired. I love when he can finally rest his head on my shoulder and give the super baby thing a rest.

Logan loves things in the sky. He says all sorts of cute fake words. And he doesn't say them, it's more like a half whisper, raspy voice thing he has going on there. He loves to point out planes, the moon and stars.

He knows his animals well like Zoey and does some good animal sounds, like horse, and bear.  He hops like a frog really well.

Kid is obsessed still with balloons. Jake and I were laughing that when he is 30 we will still have to be blowing up and tying balloons or him.  He also loves balls and bubbles still.

Logan (and Zoey) have been sleeping in till 10am and sometimes even 11am. It's nuts, but I love it! I know I will not get to sleep in for a long time once I get back into teaching. They still both take 2 hr naps in the middle of the day. They play hard and sleep hard. It's great.

Gigi, pooped in the potty the other day. I just saw the signed and got him on there really fast. Has yet to happen again though.

He weighs 23 lbs. He is in the 30% for height and 40% for weight. Little guy, but busy guy.

Having Logan around definitely keeps us all on our toes. He also provides hours of entertainment and we love this kid to death.

While I am terrified to have another boy (ha), I couldn't imagine Logan being any different. Actually, I would be bummed if he wasn't exactly who he is.

Love you Gigs. (pronounced geegs)

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