Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Day Of Pizza!

To start out my advanced class for the semester, I always challenge them with a CREATIVE PIZZA LAB. They have to think of a pizza that is figuratively "out of the box". No pepperoni, no ham and pineapple! It has to be different!

I am always impressed with the final products! Today I got to try Ultimate Kids Pizza (mac and cheese and chicken nuggets), philly cheese steak, banana split (crust with cream cheese marshmallow sauce then covered with all the typical banana split toppings), fajita pizza, hamburger pizza. It was a really good day for pizza!


  1. Do you have a great job or what? I wish I went to work and people cooked for me! (Although I can imagine some not so good creations come out as well)

  2. yeah the mac and cheese was... Interesting but I am proud of them for trying to be creative.