Wednesday, February 10, 2010

February Flurry Fury

Well Maryland is not having a typical mild winter. That is for sure! First there was the 1st blizzard in Dec, where we got about 20 inches or so. This week has almost doubled that amount. We got snowed in last Saturday, and then we had snow again last Tues, and then we had a MONSTER storm last Fri-Sat where we got about 28 inches. Now its Wed and we are stuck inside again with a blizzard outside and are supposed to get 10-20 inches. This is historic snow for Maryland and Marlyand does not know how to handle it. Trash collection in the city is on hold. We haven't had our mail all week. School have been closed since Friday. Grocery stores were jam packed yesterday and milk and basic food necessities were no where to be found. The state has run out of money for snow clean up. It is just nuts.

I feel really lucky to have a home that is safe and warm and to have food storage so that we will be ok for a few days without having to get to the grocery store. (There was no way I waiting in line for an hour for milk!!)

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  1. I can't believe how much snow we all got, and there is more in the forcast soon. I am glad you are all doing well. Are you tired of being in the house? Great pictures.