Friday, January 29, 2010

My Little Ones Are Growing Up

This is my 3rd year teaching and this week has been the start of a new semester. I get all new classes and new students (which I hate starting all over again) but this semester I have been so surprised at the students that have been walking through my door. Some I haven't seen since they were freshman 2 years ago and OH MY GOSH, they are all grown up! I feel bad when I embarrass them by saying "Look how grown up you are!!". They must want to kill me!

Also.... I have this advisory class. It's a class that you have 1 time a week to help them work on high school portfolios that every student need to graduate (dumb). The kids don't get graded, and its really a nonsense waste of time. Anyway. You have the same kids from 9th grade to when they graduate in 12th. So when I started, I got THE MOST OBNOXIOUS 9th graders ever! I spent most of the time sending them to the office and babysitting them so they wouldn't destroy something in my classroom! I could not stand Wednesdays when I would have to see them! I would tell them that maybe I would like them by the time they were seniors...and you know what??? They are growing on me! I actually enjoy them now. They are juniors and they are witte and funny and still often annoying, but they are no longer animals running wild in my room! The don't look to destruct things and run loose in the hallways. They are happy just chatting and doing homework. They even complete the work I give them to do on their portfolios.

I might even go as far as saying I will miss them once they graduate! Maybe. :)

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