Monday, January 18, 2010

Letting her cry it out?!?!

I am sitting here wondering whether i should go in and rescue my baby or not who is crying in her crib. Its 10:20pm, and I put her down at 8:45pm. At 8pm she was falling asleep in my arms and I thought, I better get her in her bath so she can get to sleep cause she is tired! Is the bath to blame??

She keeps waking every 5-15 min. Every time I go in and put her binkie in her mouth and rub her cute little head and she falls back to sleep. (until she wakes back up!) This has been going on for a few weeks now and honestly...I can't keep doing this. I work full time. The second I get home, Jake is ready to unload her to me cause he needs a break himself before work. But, then I don't get a break and I live for 9pm when my baby is supposed to go to bed and I am supposed to get a few hours to accomplish SOMETHING!! Some nights I just want to cry. Some nights I do cry. Some nights I just get flat out angry and then I have to let her cry because I don't want to be angry around her.

I wish we had family close by. I wish I could have Jake home at nights.

By the way...I went and soothed her back to sleep. It's not the easiest to just let her cry. Plus I have been reading these books that tell me I am creating a sleep fear in my child when I don't go in when she crys. I also read books that say babies need to cry it out a bit. I just don't know what I believe yet?!

Oh she is waking up I think? or is she laughing in her sleep?? Oh my gooey! I just love her to pieces. Yep waking up! Gotta go!

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  1. heart goes out to you....I know how fustrating that can be...which you were closer too! But just remember that in "babyland" nothing stays the same forever....times goes so a few weeks it will change, and in a few more weeks, it will all change year at this time, you will be saying "where did my baby go?""