Sunday, January 24, 2010

In-Law In Love

With Valentine's Day around the corner, I thought Jake and I would do this activity for Family Home Evening where we write what we love about our in-laws. We are so grateful to have such wonderful families and so many positive things to share:

Jake wrote about his In Laws:

Suzanne- caring, involved in our lives, forgiving, loves the temple, good grandma
Bill- Intellectual, Creative, Hardworking, Loves gospel and priesthood, good grandpa
Jess- Funny, Carefree, Buys me cool clothes, Non judgemental
Bryant- Great Pianist, Loves Will, Laughs Funny, Good at Guitar Hero
Kristie- Exemplary Mother, Talented, Supportive of Bryant, Makes Cool Cars Cake!

Stacey wrote about her In Laws:

Linda- Creative Genius, Supportive of me, Always Willing to help, Loves her Zoey
Lloyd- Loves his kids, Serves our Country, Good at so many things, Good sense of humor, Loves Zoey
Jess- ambitious, fearless, loves music, not boy crazy
Josh- Has special relationship with zoey, caring and loving
Justin- awesome sense of style, smart, always cares about how we are
Jordan- Not afraid to be his own person!!!!
Jared & Abby- Love Zoey, makes others feel happy when you are around them, easy to love

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